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Playing Pandora’s Box Slots Game for Fun and Profit

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Slots Games themes borrowed from a variety of sources of inspiration, culture, politics, religion, mythology, and more. Pandora’s Box slot machine rooted in classical Greek literature. Equipped with the mystical feeling and discoveries as the original story, the game is perfectly the spirit of Pandora, she wanted to find out everything.

Winning a slot machine game is said to be less on strategy and more on luck. For this reason, many players prefer slot machines as it is an easy way to make money at the same time a very good time to think. However, sophisticated machines games like slot machines Pandora’s Box, the players have to work a little, at least considering the different combination of symptoms or special awards winning symbols.

Fast rules.

The classical gods Zeus and Aphrodite are the dominant symbols that govern this game with 5 reels and 20 paylines with 4 levels on each bet. Both symbols have accessories such as led by Zeus lightning payment can be up to four times to increase its value.

Here is the lord of the gods, Zeus, is the wild symbol. If symbols appear, this means that the various benefits to the player, depending on the number of times the position and relationship with other symbols.

Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols, in general, to achieve a winning combination also incomplete. Another advantage is known that the appearance of a wild symbol can also earn twice the value of the volume.

Other fast rules for the wild symbol.

  • Substitution by the wildcard works for almost all symbols except the exception of Aphrodite symbol as a scatter symbol.
  • It is a wild symbol or Zeus and his presence in the coils means that player salaries are valued at more than double the amount. Regular Wild symbols, which may double the amount of the fee.
  • How Zeus pentacle symbol on a single payline gives players the jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Meanwhile, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, the scatter symbol of the game, and three repetitions of this icon Grant twists and turns players off. Aphrodite, symbol helps players earn more than:.

  • At least two image of a scatter symbol gives the free player for more chances of hitting the jackpot spins.
  • While playing these free accurate towers, players can actually have the opportunity to play another free trip.

Other symbols are the historical game of elite, a 750-room safe victory, when a player has five in both a winning line, shield and harp, giving away 500 pieces in the same position.

Play Slots Pandora is really rewarding – both for the portfolio and experience.


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